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The Master's Cup Poultry Show Webster City, IA
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Master Cup Poultry Show FAQ

Frequently asked questions

1) Can we show just one bird?

2) What about non-recognized breeds and varieties?
They are all welcomed at the Master Cup Poultry Show.

3) Can a non-recognized breed or variety win money?
Yes, the first five placings are "earned", and will be apa/aba recognized breeds and varieties, all other moneys will be randomly drawn. All birds are assigned a number, throughout the day numbers will be drawn. If you show bird number #17 and that bird's number is drawn then you have just won money.

4) What is "the exhibitor display"?
Normal displays are-cock, hen, cockerel, pullet, plus three additional birds all of the same breed and variety. The exhibitor display will be-cock, hen, cockerel, pullet, plus three additional birds on your entry, e.g. white wyandotte cock, blue rock hen, royal palm turkey cockerel, grey call pullet, plus three more birds on your entry form. This is simply a fun additional competition.

5) Will there be a "for sale area"?
There will be a "display area" for breeders to offer excess birds to others. This area will be display like a show rather then random cages setup throughout an area.

6) Is the master cup poultry show in Webster City because that's where Murray McMurray Hatchery is?
Webster City has a new state-of-the-art arena built on their fairgrounds, we are fortunate to also have it be the hometown of Murray McMurray Hatchery.

7) How much money will be available?
That is completely determined by the number of birds entered.

8) How many birds are expected?
The original goal was around 200 top quality birds, we are currently expecting many more.

9) How can I compete with the best breeders?
By not being afraid of great competition, the top five placings are earned, all the rest are random draws.

10) How will birds be cooped, and what about double cooping?
All birds will be cooped correctly e.g. Japanese males will be cooped in the "medium size" coop and Minorca males will be in a double coop.

11) Why were these judges chosen?
They received the most votes by the people polled. The criteria was as followed: a)honorable and knowledgeable b)general licensed c)can relay a message to an audience

12) Why host this type of event?
To offer a viable alternative to our current purebred poultry show system, quality rather than quantity. we want to offer a show that virtually any bird could be correctly chosen as the show champion.

13) Do I have to be invited, or a master breeder to show?
Absolutely not, all are welcomed.

14) What are the health requirements?
Pullorum typhoid tested certificate, or pullorum free flock number.

15) Is there a junior show?

16) Is this an ABA/APA sanctioned show?
Yes, class champions will be chosen e.g. best and reserve SCCL.

17) Is there a dress code for the show?
Yes, the dress code is "Smart Casual-no jeans" for the show.

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