Show Info

November 18-19, 2022
Hamilton County Fairgrounds
Webster City, IA

The Master’s Cup Poultry Show

The Master’s Cup Poultry Show was organized to promote the exhibition of the finest standard-bred poultry in the U.S. and Canada. For years, poultry enthusiasts have flocked to this Midwest event to compete for cash prizes and the coveted Master’s Cup.

The Master’s Cup Poultry Show is held at the Hamilton County Fairgrounds in Webster City, Iowa — home of Murray McMurray Hatchery. The event location features stadium-style seating so that exhibitors can watch and listen to the judging — giving entrants direct insight into how their birds are judged.

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Click to view the Master’s Cup Poultry Show cash prizes and awards.

Master’s Cup Poultry Show Schedule

Friday Schedule

12:00 – 6:00 PM Check in. No early coop-ins.
6:00 – 8:00 PM Social Event and Question and Answer Session (attendance highly encouraged)

Saturday Schedule

7:00 – 6:00 AM Exhibit Hall Opens.
The Exhibit Hall will remain open until 10:00 AM when judging begins, at which time all gates to the arena will close.
10:00 AM Judging.
Arena-style seating is available where entrants can see and hear the judging.
10:00 AM Youth workshop at Murray McMurray Hatchery followed by free tour of the hatchery
Meet in the parking lot of the hatchery at 9:50 AM. McMurray Hatchery is located 191 Closz Drive, Webster City, IA 50595
5:00 PM Exhibit Hall Closes.
6:00 PM Master’s Cup Banquet.
Ticket required. Social hour at 6:00 PM, dinner at 7:00 PM.

Sunday Schedule

7:00 AM Exhibit Hall Opens.
Release as soon as possible, but no early coop-outs.

Master’s Cup Poultry Show Rules

All entries and exhibitors are subject to the following rules:

  • The Masters Cup Poultry Show is open to all poultry exhibitors, no membership is required.
  • The Masters Cup Poultry Show is a member of the American Poultry Association (APA) and the American Bantam Association (ABA). We recognize all breeds ofchickens, turkeys, waterfowl and guineas.
  • Cocks and hens must be 1 year and older, and cockerels and pullets must be under 1 year of age at the time of the show.
  • Bird Displays will be either a Traditional or Exhibitor display.
    • Traditional Display is a cock, hen cockerel, pullet, and at least three additional birds of same breed and variety shown by one exhibitor.
    • Exhibitor Display is a cock, hen, cockerel, pullet, and at least three additional birds from the exhibitor’s entry. Exhibitor display birds do not need to be same breed and variety.
    • Note: Only Bantam displays will be calculated for show reports.
  • Entry forms must be filled out completely.
  • You must specify if a bird is a bantam or large fowl, variety, breed and — where applicable — single comb or rosecomb., and bearded or non­-bearded.
  • Birds not specified as bantams or large fowl will be entered as large fowl and will not be moved.
  • All entries must include testing reports and check or money order (payable to Master’s Cup Poultry Show).
  • All birds must meet Iowa state pullorum testing regulations.
  • All entries must be accompanied by a negative pullorum/typhoid test certificate administered within 90 days of the show. A copy of testing reports must be included with your entry form.
  • Any bird showing signs of disease will not be allowed in the show room.
  • All birds must be leg banded before being placed in their assigned cage.
  • Any person handling any birds or gathering eggs other than their owner will be disqualified as an exhibitor, and any premiums won will be forfeited back to the club.
  • All exhibitors must feed and water their own birds. Feed will be provided.
  • All show boxes with names on them must be covered up completely or removed from the building.
  • Please ask permission of the owner and the show management before taking any photos.

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